Pandemic, One Year Later

The days may have seemed short but 2020 felt like the never ending year. As the world suffered from a pandemic from the coronavirus, the landscape of many things changed forever but we as humans took the biggest shift.

A year later we have come to realized how important space, hygiene and compassion truly is.

Space because social distancing is a courtesy that many did not practice when in public places pre-pandemic.

Also hygiene, believe it or not washing our hands become the forefront of every news report as the solution to eradicating the virus. Being in the middle of what typically would be a flu season, hygiene has radically lowered the number of flu cases this year.

And lastly compassion, as we have come to realize that we truly never appreciated our time spent outside around others or family. The urge to being socially active and spending time with our loved ones has made many people empathetic and open to making new friends and experiences.

We are hopeful that a year from now, we are back close to “normal” pre-pandemic life but continue to thank our frontline workers and those fighting to rid of this virus.

Fire Claim Prevention Tips

Fire claims are one of the most devastating and damaging experiences any homeowners can go through. We would like to help you increase your preparedness with some basic safety and prevention tips.

Install and check your smoke detectors and your CO2 alarms. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions but make sure they are properly working. Never install these alarms close to a vent, window or fan and make sure each room has one.

Purchase a multi-purpose (Class ABC) fire-extinguisher for your home, place this close to an exit. Remember that during a fire the goal is to exit the unit, although fire extinguishers are one element to help put out the flames…never forget that main goal is to get out safely.

Consider a sprinkler system as an added protection that would work alongside the smoke detectors and fire extinguisher.

And finally, inspect your home for fire hazards such as faulty light switches, electrical cords and light bulbs. Have your electrical panel professionally inspected and update any out-of-date equipment or appliances to high-efficiency machines.

Do not be a victim of a fire claim and take preventive action now.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

With the arrival of Spring comes the devising of a new garden and landscaping which includes your fences. Although fences are placed for boundary purposes, they also bring an aesthetic appeal and comfort knowing that you have some privacy. A fence is the most basic barrier to deter uninvited animals and are a necessity if you yourself have kids or pets.

Aside from privacy, they offer protection such as if you have a pool. If you live on a busy street, they can muffle some of the noise. By upkeeping your fence, you can potentially avoid any unnecessary injuries which can lead to liability lawsuits.

 Over time fences will degrade in some way, knowing how much effort and maintenance you are willing to put in will determine what kind of boundary is right for your home. So, while you draw up your plans for that new garden, makes sure to pencil in your fence for some maintenance and painting because good fences make good neighbors.

Understanding Your Homeowners Policy

The purpose of home insurance is the security of knowing that your home will be rebuilt/repaired if damaged by one of the covered perils.

Each property is reviewed and assessed carefully, which has earned us an A+ rating with AM Best – a company that reviews insurance carriers for excellence in service and coverage.

While you make it your forever home, we want to make sure you understand your policy and what is protected by us.

Our policy protects you against perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, hailstorm, among others. If your property experiences any sudden damage by one of the listed perils, please call our claims department immediately.

Know your deductible and review the policy booklet to understand any exclusions that may exist.

If you have any questions about your coverage or need help reviewing your current policy, call our customer service department at 1-800-234-2114, representatives are ready to help Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 4:45 PM PST.

Welcome Spring!

We have made it to the Spring Equinox, officially ringing in the new season!

What exactly is the Spring equinox?

 It marks the day that the sun crosses the equator line as it treks north to bring us warmer weather. And with this new season upon us come many adoring holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing or doing this Springtime?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, a cultural festivity which has evolved over the decades into a special day spent with friends and loved ones while wearing emerald colored clothing.

Some fun facts about today:

Leprechauns were not originally associated with St. Patty’s day but became incorporated by Celtic fairy stories as the villain that stole the pot of gold.

Corned beef and cabbage were an American innovation that has become a staple of this holiday, first served by immigrants on the east coast.

Shamrocks are the national flower of Ireland.

Four leaf clovers are rare, with 1 in 5000 existing in the wild.

We hope you enjoy today and may the luck of the Irish be forever on your side.

National Poison Prevention Week

This week marks the annual awareness of poison prevention week a nationwide campaign during a time when kids are inside more than ever. Poison awareness is used to highlight the dangers of chemicals and household items for people of all ages by reminding them of the three P’s; prepare, prevent and protect.

Prepare by knowing the National Poison Hotline in case something unexpected happens, that phone number is 1-800-222-1222.

Prevent by knowing what chemicals should never mix, such as chlorine and vinegar which causes chlorinated gas that can lead to suffocation. A simple web search will detail this and many others.

And protect those in your household by storing any liquids or items that can be ingested by children up high and out of their reach.

Please take the time to learn and practice the three P’s and share this information with others.

March Madness

The 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament will kick-off this year as planned with 68 teams determined to win the collegiate title. First dubbed “March Madness” in 1908 when a statewide tournament in Illinois routinely sold-out seats for this sought-after trophy, and Henry Porter, an executive of the association that put this tournament together, wrote about how crazy fun the event was. More than 100 years later and that small tournament has grown into an annual affair, played by both men and women of colleges from across the nation.

Who are you rooting for?

Easy Online Self Service

As almost everything else that has gone virtual within the last year, so have a lot of our services and procedures that at one point had to be done with a live representative. Here are some of those processes which insured’s can complete by visiting our site.

1.       Paying your premium, simply by inputting your policy number and zip code you will be able to access your invoice and make a payment.

2.       Requesting a copy of your coverage by emailing our customer service department directly.

3.       Acquiring information on how to file a claim and what number to call during weekend hours.

4.       Retrieving a quote within minutes for your home or condo.

5.       Reviewing your coverages and securing a licensed agent to assist you with any changes or questions.

 And of course, if speaking with someone is your preference…we have licensed reps ready to assist you!