Leap Year 2020

This year is a special one, as this year we are given 366 days to wake up and be thankful. That’s because 2020 is a Leap Year, which only occurs every four years. But what and when exactly is Leap Day?

Leap Day was generated as an additional calendar day for the month of February in order to keep our modern Gregorian calendar in alignment with our planets rotation around the sun.

Fun fact about this special occurrence, an easy way to determine if the year we are in is a Leap Year, divide it by 4 and you will get a whole number. If the number has a decimal then Leap Day will not occur that year.


Energy Saving Tips

As winter begins its descent into spring and we begin to plan our family vacations, we would like to provide you with some helpful energy saving tips for the tail end of these cold days.

  • Take advantage of the sun during the day and open the curtains to allow natural light and heat to enter
  • Set the thermostat to the lowest temperature that you can tolerate and only increase heat when you go to sleep to save on your heating bill
  • Layer clothing and use weighted blankets to stay warm instead of running heating system
  • Use blackout curtains to help block the flow of cold air from entering your home


Emergency Claim Assistance

If you are experiencing a claims emergency during our closed office hours, please call our after-hours claims line immediately at 1-866-926-2142. A claims representative will contact you and explain the process so that we can resolve the situation as soon as possible. If you have more questions about our claims process or how to file, visit our website at https://www.westernmutual.com/claims


President’s Day

Today we honor our leaders for the work, dedication and accomplishments they have done during their time representing this great country. We would like to share some unforgettable words spoken by these individuals:

“The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph” – George Washington

“Believe you can and you’re already halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

“You can’t let your failures define you, let the failures teach you” – Barack Obama


Valentine’s Day Checklist

Valentine’s Day is almost here and some of us have already planned out our evening while others don’t know where to start. Here are some tips on making this Friday a memorable day for you and whoever you decide to spend it with.

  • Secure a baby-sitter early and confirm with them the day before
  • If you can’t secure a sitter, include your little ones on your dinner date and encourage them to dress-up for your night out
  • Start the day with a surprise gift or card, letting them know your excited to spend the day with them
  • Plan a night in with a homemade dinner, roses and a nice bottle of bubbly
  • Play it safe and agree to celebrate the holiday the following day


Refer a Friend

Did you know? That you can get paid for referring family and friends to us. That’s right, if you are a current insured and recommend our A+ rated company to any eligible customer and they purchase our policy, you will get paid. There’s no limit on how many referrals you can cash in on, which means we will send you $75 for each qualified referral. 


Red Carpet Night

It’s that time of year again, when Hollywood rolls out the red carpet and hands out the illustrious golden award. Sunday night will be the 92ndAcademy Awards Ceremony, taking place at the Dolby Theatre.

Some of the films up for the biggest award of the night for ‘Best Picture’ include;

Ford v. Ferrari, Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. All of which have critics debating who will win.

Let us know where you’ll be watching the Oscars from and some of your favorites from this year’s nominees.