Heat Safety Tips

The summer months are upon us and so is the heat! While the long days and sunshine are a favorite of many, it’s important to keep heat safety in mind for all, and especially for the more vulnerable to the heat, like small children, pets, and elderly.

Here are a few heat safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Handheld fans, umbrellas for shade, water bottles, lighter colored clothing, flip flops and cold drinks are all things that can help you stay cool! Taking cool showers, applying sunscreen and using your AC unit or fan can assist as well!
  • Be mindful of how quickly your car can heat up when you run into a store for a quick iced coffee…never leave your trusted furry companions, small children, or anyone at risk in your car.
  • Small considerations for pets can go along way with effects of heat – earlier in the day or later in the evening walks, making sure they always have easy access to fresh water and a cool, shady spot, and knowing the signs of heat stroke in dogs (excessive panting, wobbly legs, dry mouth and nose are some of the main signs of heat and dehydration)
  • Close your blinds during the day especially if you aren’t home to keep the sunlight from quickly heating your home.

Wishing you a safe and hydrated summer!

Could Inflation Impact My Insurance?

Having an adequate coverage amount is essential when it comes to protecting your home. When you switch from another insurance company to us, and when your policy is occasionally reviewed by our team, we provide you an estimate prepared by a third-party estimator of the cost to rebuild or replace your insured structure. The estimate includes significant assumptions about your property, the cost of building materials, labor, and other resources. In our current times, these costs have all increased due to multiple factors including labor shortages, supply chain issues, and in large part inflation, and you may need a higher coverage amount to protect your home. Check your coverages today and call our friendly Customer Service Department at (800) 234-2114, or contact us online at www.westernmutual.com/service, if you have questions or to let us know of unique features or upgrades, such as upgraded kitchens, bathrooms, custom cabinetry, or high-end finishes, which may impact the cost to rebuild or replace your home.

Unfortunately, higher coverages can directly translate into higher premiums, but we can also look at options to offset an increase in premium, such as a higher deductible or applicable discounts.

Please Note:  The above is for informational purposes only and the amount of coverage you choose is dependent on your specific needs. There is no express or implied guarantee that the estimated cost to rebuild or replace would actually be the amount necessary to rebuild or replace your structure in the event of a loss caused by a covered peril. The above does not in any way replace or modify the information contained in individual insurance policies.  Availability and qualification for coverage, terms, rates, and discounts may vary by jurisdiction.  In the event of loss, the actual terms and conditions in your policy will determine your coverage.  Please read your policy for exact details on coverage

Flag Day

Flag Day, celebrated every year on June 14th, celebrates the resolution to adopt the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777.  At the time the flag contained 13 stripes and 13 stars to represent the first 13 colonies (which is still represented in the 13 stripes of today’s flag).  Over a century later, in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson officially established June 14 as Flag Day.  While Flag Day is not an official Federal holiday, many historical cities including Philadelphia and Baltimore celebrate Flag week with multiple ceremonial events.  The U.S. Army also celebrates this day as it’s Birthday. 

Here are a few additional facts about our flag. 

  • There have been 27 official versions of the flag so far, with the most current version dates back to July 4, 1960. 
  • A 17 year old high school student in Ohio created the current 50 state flag for a school project, when he rearranged the current 48 star flag once it was announced that Alaska would be joining the Union, and there was suspicion Hawaii would be next.
  • When taking down a flag, care must be taken to prevent the flag from touching the ground.  Relative to this, carpets or rugs featuring the stars and stripes are barred according to flag code. 
  • When any flag (state, city, or group) is flown with the American flag (on American soil) the American flag must always fly highest.
  • Flag etiquette calls for the flag to always be lit while on display, either by sunlight or another light source.
  • Flying the flag upside down can be an official distress signal. 

Hardening Your Home

Every year many homes are lost or damaged in wildfires. The dangerous exposure to wildfire can come from direct flames from nearby burning structures or forestry, which is difficult to avoid and can be devastating for entire communities.

There is, however another exposure that can occur up to a mile away from an active fire, through embers flying through the air and catching in your home. This can be partially preventable by taking steps to “harden your home” to wildfires. Here are some steps you can take to harden your home:

  • Removing debris from your roof and yard that is easily flammable such as dead vegetation
  • Eaves should be boxed in or “closed”! Embers catching in open eaves is the most likely place a home will catch fire
  • Install dual paned windows with tempered glass to avoid the heat of a nearby fire breaking the window and creating an opening for embers to catch
  • Install screens in all windows
  • Decks should be built with “ignition resistant” materials and always clear vegetation from under deck that could catch fire.
  • Keep rain gutters free of debris
  • Address of home should be clearly visible from the road
  • Cover chimney with a non – flammable screen

For more tips and tips on creating defensible spaces and all things wildfire safety, visit https://www.readyforwildfire.org/prepare-for-wildfire/.

If you experience a loss or have any questions regarding a claim, we’re here to help. http://www.westernmutual.com/claims

Share your Favorite Grilling Marinade

Let’s spice things up a bit and share our favorite grilling marinades. With summer kicking off and grilling season’s arrival, nothing beats creating your own marinade or trying out an old family favorite. We polled staff for not-so-secret personal favorites and here is a great one!

  • 1/3 hot honey
  • 2/3 teriyaki
  • marinade for 2-3 hours in fridge for a sweet, spicy and islandy flavor!

Don’t forget to check out our grilling safety reminders video, and enjoy a delicious and relaxing grilling weekend!

Global Running Day

It’s Global Running Day! Whether you like to run alone, with a furry friend, or with your family or partner, running outside brings multiple benefits to your whole body and mind. The fresh air can be both invigorating and calming, and vitamin D is a great energy boost. Not to mention exercise brings endorphins. So get the music pumping or enjoy the sounds of the outdoors, grab those shoes and head outside for a jog, sprint, or a brisk walk.