Summer BBQ Ideas

Grilling season has officially commenced!  Longer summer days bring many more opportunities for us to dine alfresco! Do you and your family have any barbecue favorites to grill this season? Before you host your next backyard soiree, review the infographic below which shares some best safety practices for the season ahead.

Do you have some go-to BBQ recipes? Please share them with us below!




Swim Safety

The weather has been fabulous and the water is heating up making it more inviting for some swims! Do you and your family know and practice swim safety at home and at the beach? We recommend you review some suggestions below and add them to your swim safety repertoire:

  • Fence in your pool or pond areas to avoid potential water accidents
  • Tidy pool areas of toys as children can find them tempting and enter the water unattended
  • To combat Mosquitos breeding around your home, clean out standing water weekly in such areas as fountains, bird feeders and planters
  • Maintain a buddy system when swimming in the ocean or pool
  • Children and individuals who cannot swim should wear life jackets or a flotation device
  • Do not swim when intoxicated as anyone can drown in even an inch of water
  • Avoid glassware around the pool or ocean where shards can break and cut bare feet
  • Enforce no running around pools as people can slip on wet surfaces and get injured
  • Keep your CPR certification up-to-date (Click here to see available CPS classes provided by the Red Cross)
  • Take swim lessons (Click here to see available swim classes provided by the Red Cross in your areas)

Do you have any swim safety rules in your home? Please share below!


Graduation Time

It is that time of year again! The close of the school year marks the start of a new direction in life for many graduates. Whether your journey takes you near or far, we wish all of the 2018 graduates heartfelt congratulations on their next journey in life.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt





Backyard Safety

As summer quickly approaches, now is the time to freshen up on some backyard safety tips. Whether you have a backyard, gated entrance or front porch, it is wise to make sure you and your family are secure and safe every season! Locking pet doors at night to thwart unwanted animals from your home is a wise move if you have younger children in the home and reside in areas with coyotes. Putting gates around pool or bodies of water is a must to prevent young children or pets from falling into the water while unattended.

Have you noticed new plant life in your garden? Make sure your yard is free of any poisonous plants that can be consumed or cause skin irritation. Before cleaning up or mowing lawns, ensure rocks and debris are free from the area to avoid unnecessary injuries. Springtime brings new life to yards and extends your outdoor time but make sure to safely store chemicals and fertilizer out of reach of children. Notice dips in concrete and warped wood floors outside? Take time to level these areas in the hope of preventing potential tripping or personal injury.

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