Fire Claim Prevention Tips

Fire claims are one of the most devastating and damaging experiences any homeowners can go through. We would like to help you increase your preparedness with some basic safety and prevention tips.

Install and check your smoke detectors and your CO2 alarms. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions but make sure they are properly working. Never install these alarms close to a vent, window or fan and make sure each room has one.

Purchase a multi-purpose (Class ABC) fire-extinguisher for your home, place this close to an exit. Remember that during a fire the goal is to exit the unit, although fire extinguishers are one element to help put out the flames…never forget that main goal is to get out safely.

Consider a sprinkler system as an added protection that would work alongside the smoke detectors and fire extinguisher.

And finally, inspect your home for fire hazards such as faulty light switches, electrical cords and light bulbs. Have your electrical panel professionally inspected and update any out-of-date equipment or appliances to high-efficiency machines.

Do not be a victim of a fire claim and take preventive action now.

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