Cold Snap Preparedness

As we make our way through this winter season, we must remember to be prepared for the worst even if the weather seems to be calm for this time of year. Emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. Prepare for the worst-case scenario (especially in wintertime) by keeping the following supplies in your winter car kit!

In addition to the items listed below, keeping a cell phone on hand is highly advised. Make sure your phone is charged every time you get in the car and keep a spare cell phone charger and a rechargeable battery pack in your emergency kit as well.

If you must travel, make sure you share your travel plans and route with someone before you leave.

Should you become stranded in bad winter weather, do not leave your car. Don’t try to push your vehicle out of snow, remain in car and turn on emergency lights before attempting to call for help.

Minimum Supplies:

Blankets, mittens, socks and hats

Ice scraper and snow brush

Flashlight, plus extra batteries (or a hand-crank flashlight)

Jumper cables

First-aid kit (band-aides, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, antiseptic cream, medical wrap). See a first-aid kit checklist.

Bottled water

Multi-tool (such as a Leatherman multi-tool or a Swiss Army knife)

Road flares or reflective warning triangles (optional) but can easily be stored in trunk

Stay safe this winter.

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Today we remember the man who not only changed history but taught us that darkness cannot drive out darkness and only light and positivity can do that.

His influence and actions helped to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1965 which prohibited racial discrimination in voting. We thank Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his positive role in changing the law for a more inclusive and better tomorrow.

Civil Rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal recipient, are just a few accolades received by the one and only Martin Luther King Jr.

That Friday Feeling

Thinking about getting a quote and saving some money but your current policy hasn’t expired yet? There is no reason to wait! You can start your new policy with Western Mutual immediately and simply request to have your other coverage cancelled. There is no penalty or fee and you’ll be reimbursed for any unused premium on the old policy.

If you need assistance or have any questions, we would be more than happy to help out.  To speak with a live agent about how to switch and save or to retrieve a quote, call us at 1-877-WMUTUAL (877-968-8825).  We are here to serve you Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST.

Business Performance 101

As we approach the halfway point of January and look ahead to the remaining 10 weeks of the first quarter, we remind you the importance of planning for success. As the working world increasingly transitions to a continuous performance management model, businesses are shifting to setting quarterly, rather than annual, goals and with good reason.

  1. Shorter-term goals are less likely to be derailed. Especially in today’s business environment where things can change overnight, 12 months is a really, really long time.
  2. The condensed timeframe helps employees to set smart, realistic goals. If you’re familiar with  SMART goals, you know the value of setting goals that are realistic. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.
  3. Quarterly goal-setting creates an opportunity to celebrate little wins, With annual goals, you either win or lose, so to speak, once a year. This means you’ve got just one opportunity to use goals as a motivational tool each year.
  4.  Managers get a clearer view of employee progress. When we’re stuck in the day-to-day activities of our jobs, it can be hard to see progress. But short-term quarterly goals create a natural stopping point, allowing us to check in and take stock of how far we have – or haven’t – come.

Maybe We Should Call Someone?

Houses frequently make noises—a floor creaks, a pipe gurgles, a refrigerator hums—but while some sounds are harmless and even charming, others are early indicators of potential problems that warrant attention. Especially if this is your new home, not newly built but new for you. Here are some potential troublemakers.

Furnace – Squeaking could be an indication that the bearings in the motor need to be oiled or that a piece of one has broken off. Ignoring this could cause the motor to fail. Popping could be a sign of moisture in the gas line, or that the gas line has become clogged.

Noisy Pipes – Anyone who’s ever lived with radiator heat knows how noisy pipes can be. It is highly suggested that these items be professionally inspected and taken care of as a radiator can make sounds – like someone is hammering from inside – which usually indicates maintenance required.

Wall Creaks – Skittering sounds, squeaks, buzzes and other noises coming from your walls and attic may mean there’s something living in your house that isn’t part of your family. If you hear something, search the outside of the wall for anything out of the ordinary.

Humming Appliances – If your dishwasher sputters or grinds, something may be stuck in the chopper blade area. A buzzing refrigerator may mean that the compressor is ailing. A humming dryer could mean that there’s an object caught in its blower wheel. These conditions are difficult to diagnose without expert attention.

Pops and Bubbles – Over time, sediment builds up on the bottom of a water heater as minerals precipitate out of the water and settle in the tank. Excessive sediment accumulation may produce a popping or rumbling sound, which should be your signal to call in a repair professional.

Whistling Windows – Improperly installed windows, worn weather stripping, changes in temperature and the simple passage of time can all cause an unwanted whistling inside the house. Not only is the sound annoying, it can also lead to energy waste.

We hope this assist you in identifying and resolving any potential problems you may be experiencing.

Don’t Give Up

Each New Year’s Day signifies the start of carefully thought out resolutions for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, resolutions do not tend to stick as we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve these goals and end up feeling overwhelmed in the process. If this is the current situation you find yourself in, do not give up. Here is some inspiration to help you stay on track.

  • Summer is still more than 5 months away and results from working out at least 4 times a week begin to show within 3 months. So imagine starting now, how great you will feel and look in that time.
  • The first week is always forgiven as everyone is still getting back into their regular schedule after the holiday madness and probably haven’t had time to reflect on resolutions for the new year.
  • There are so many free apps that can help you achieve your goals from fitness to mental health and even money management. Just search your app store and check out the reviews before downloading.
  • Only choose one goal for this year, big or small but something you know is within your time and budget restrictions. A habit is formed after 22 days of repetitive action so that one goal will be part of your daily routine in no time.

Here’s to making 2022 the best year yet!

Am I Covered?

The joy of being a homeowner is unmatched, however understanding all the paperwork can be a nightmare. The most common struggle is reviewing your insurance policy and deciding if you need more.

Second to that is knowing the difference between homeowners insurance and home warranty. Let us explain;

Homeowners insurance provides you the coverage necessary to know your home is protected against unexpected damages from perils such as fire, theft, vandalism and civil commotion. However, when it relates to repairs or maintenance of your appliances, a home insurance policy does not cover those items but a home warranty will. Similar to a car, one would not call their insurance for new tires or an oil change, the basic maintenance it needs, but instead refer to a potential car warranty that offered those services. The main difference between an insurance policy and a warranty policy is that the insurance on the home is mandated by the lender as oppose to the warranty that is not. We hope that in sharing this vital information, we answer some concerns or doubts about your policy.

Star Light, Star Bright

Of the ten biggest annual meteor showers, just two could produce over 100 stargazing trails per hour: the December Geminids and the January Quadrantids, which is due to peak tonight.

The Quadrantids meteors are typically among the brightest of showers and with a less-illuminating crescent moon tonight, visibility of the stars will be optimum.

According to The American Meteor Society, the best time to view the light show is between 11 p.m. through 5 a.m. PST.

Let us know how you many you see!