Thinking of Selling? Important Steps to Remember

As we all know the housing market is hot right now, with bid wars making properties sell for well over asking price. And with multiple offers to review, paper work to sign and packing your belongings, one might forget some very important steps. Here is a helpful reminder to make sure all things are taken care of during the best month to sell.

At the time of accepting an offer and setting an estimated closing date, remember to call your home insurance carrier to advise them that you will no longer reside there on such date. Also, if you are purchasing a new home or condo, consider using your same insurance company to get a quote on it.

What about your personal belongings? Our policies protect your personal property to the full amount listed on the policy while in transit from one property to the next. If the items are being held in storage prior to your move, they are still covered but at 10% of what is listed on your policy.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to provide your insurance carrier and anyone whom you would receive correspondence from your forwarding address or temporary P.O Box. Many of times there is a pro-rated refund you will receive and we want to make sure that reaches you.

3 Coverages Included in Your Homeowners Policy

Western Mutual has proudly be serving homeowners for over 75 years, providing coverage for both your property and liability for any unforeseen injuries. Our standard has policy has 3 essential coverages and they include:

Dwelling + Other Structures – This part of the policy pays to repair or rebuild a home or fence if damaged by a covered peril such as a fire, wind/hail storm, etc. The amount of coverage on your home is based on reconstruction cost estimates which calculate labor and materials for your specific property.

Personal Property – Exactly what it sounds like, this is coverage for your furniture, clothes, equipment, and anything that would fall out if we flipped your house upside down. However, please know if you own expensive items like art pieces, jewelry, or silverware…these items are limited in coverage but can be added for a small feel with a professional appraisal.

Liability Protection – Liability will protect you against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that policyholders have caused other people. One unique thing about liability is that it’s an off-premises coverage as well-meaning you are protected anywhere in the world.  The liability portion of the policy pays for both the cost of defending the policyholder in court and any court awards—up to the limit of the policy.

We hope knowing this basic yet crucial information allows you understand and ease your concerns about your coverage.

This Day in History

On April 30, 1789, George Washington took the oath as the first president of the United States. The oath was administered by Robert R. Livingston, the Chancellor of New York, on a second-floor balcony. Centuries later and George Washington is still one of the most influential and notable presidents this country has ever had. So much so he made the coveted spot of being displayed on every US dollar bill.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As this month comes to an end, we hope that the adage “April showers bring May flowers” holds true. Typically, the month of April has the rainiest days due to a shift in jet streams and atmospheric pressure. But as they say, every storm runs out of rain and that means we await the beautiful creation that nature holds.

So, as we watch our garden come into full bloom, we would like to wish you a bright and beautiful new month.

Avoid Escrow Delays

Say hello to Affinity, a free online program that allows mortgage professionals to retrieve a pre-approved homeowners insurance quote. These pre-approved quotes allow the loan process to be sped up so that there are no more escrow delays! is new and improved with the eligibility requirements built into it. Our user-friendly program makes it easy to print out the evidence of insurance within minutes with its step-by-step process. All policies receive a two-year promotional discount and its available to you 24/7.

There is no membership fee or catch, just a site meant for you to allow us to provide coverage. And if you have any questions, licensed agents are ready to assist.

Call us at 1-800-234-3659 or visit

Refer a Friend

Western Mutual Insurance Group has provided exceptional coverage at a competitive rate for over 75 years, and we would love to share that same level of service with the people you care about the most. The biggest compliment any company can receive is a positive review and a referral to check us out.

As a thank you for allowing us to provide coverage to both you and them, we will reward you with a $75 reimbursement payment. Note: In order to qualify for the reimbursement, both you and your referrals must have an active policy with us, and their policy must be paid.

It will only take a couple minutes and we can also create quotes for your referrals while we have you on the line.  So, do not wait any longer; our agents are standing by waiting to help you out!

Administrative Professionals Day

Today we celebrate all the hard-working men and women who keep the office running smoothly. To our dedicated staff that make us the preferred insurance carrier we are, we say ‘Thank you’ for what you do and the positive impact you bring to the company. Everyone’s role is an essential part of creating this a desired workplace.

Do you know any administrative professionals that deserve a round of applause today?

Join us! Patriots and Paws Golf Tournament

We are happy to announce that Western Mutual will be a sponsor at the 2021 Paws and Patriots Golf Tournament taking place at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Golf Club on May 10th. It has been our privilege to support this organization in helping Veterans as they transition back into civilian life and Active Duty members as they return home from deployment. Patriots and Paws specializes in connecting these brave men and women to an emotional support companion that allows these animals to have and serve a purpose, and helps furnish the new homes for the veteran and pet.

So, come golf with us! Or would you like to donate a round to a veteran? You can do that by writing “VETERAN” in one of the player’s spots on the registration form!

Register now at

Preparing for an Earthquake

How long could you last if you had to survive on what you currently had in your home?

A question that we do not really want to think about but is crucial to have answered in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake. 

In the western United States, earthquakes occur every day but are so minimal in size that they are not felt or cause any issues. However, there comes a time in every Californians life that you experience your first “big one” as pictures will begin to swing in synchronization with the blinds and items will start to shake and fall off shelves.

After all the moving and shaking is done, we immediately turn on the news to get informed on what just occurred. But what if the tremblor damaged communication lines, plumbing, freeways and electricity…would you be okay, are you prepared?

The CDC recommends knowing the four S’s in case of an emergency: Signs, Safe Spots, Strategy and Supply kit.

First and foremost, know the signs of an earthquake and know that when there is one there may be more! Secondly, know the safe spots in your home to seek for cover if you are not able to drop and cover. Furthermore, create a strategy on where you would meet, who you would check on-assigning everyone a responsibility. And lastly, check your supply and have it restocked with enough to get you through 3 days.

Some crucial things to keep in your supply kit include water (one gallon per person per day, for drinking and sanitation), non-perishable food, flashlight, first aid kit, battery powered or hand crank radio, any necessary medicines and pet food and water.

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