Pandemic, One Year Later

The days may have seemed short but 2020 felt like the never ending year. As the world suffered from a pandemic from the coronavirus, the landscape of many things changed forever but we as humans took the biggest shift.

A year later we have come to realized how important space, hygiene and compassion truly is.

Space because social distancing is a courtesy that many did not practice when in public places pre-pandemic.

Also hygiene, believe it or not washing our hands become the forefront of every news report as the solution to eradicating the virus. Being in the middle of what typically would be a flu season, hygiene has radically lowered the number of flu cases this year.

And lastly compassion, as we have come to realize that we truly never appreciated our time spent outside around others or family. The urge to being socially active and spending time with our loved ones has made many people empathetic and open to making new friends and experiences.

We are hopeful that a year from now, we are back close to “normal” pre-pandemic life but continue to thank our frontline workers and those fighting to rid of this virus.

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