Keeping Your Home Clean During the Rainy Season

Maintaining a clean home can be a challenge in general. Especially, if you have kids or pets. Adding on the rainy and stormy season can bring a new set of challenges. Being prepared can help with this daunting task.

Designate a spot to place shoes, rainboots, coats and umbrellas close to the front door – Removing wet or muddy items that you bring in from the rain, before going too far into the home will help leave some of the water and elements out of the rest of the home and help mitigate dirty or wet floors. Keep a shoe rack, umbrella holder, and a place to hang raincoats upon entry.

Clean with disinfectant regularly – Dampness in the home can increase the chances of mildew growing. Moisture is where microbes and bacteria tend to thrive. It’s important to disinfect the wet floors and surfaces as well as making sure to dry them.

Maintain clog free drains – Make sure your exterior drainage system is allowing for rainwater to pass and not collect around the outside of the house will help prevent flooding and excess water or mud around the home.

Check for leaks – Doors and windows can develop small leaks especially during heavy wind driven rain. Thoroughly inspect the area around doors, windows, skylights during and after rain storms for wet spots or stains.

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