Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

With the arrival of Spring comes the devising of a new garden and landscaping which includes your fences. Although fences are placed for boundary purposes, they also bring an aesthetic appeal and comfort knowing that you have some privacy. A fence is the most basic barrier to deter uninvited animals and are a necessity if you yourself have kids or pets.

Aside from privacy, they offer protection such as if you have a pool. If you live on a busy street, they can muffle some of the noise. By upkeeping your fence, you can potentially avoid any unnecessary injuries which can lead to liability lawsuits.

 Over time fences will degrade in some way, knowing how much effort and maintenance you are willing to put in will determine what kind of boundary is right for your home. So, while you draw up your plans for that new garden, makes sure to pencil in your fence for some maintenance and painting because good fences make good neighbors.

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