Fireworks Safety

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As the weekend preparation for the 4th of July begins, with it come many concerns over firework safety and handling, especially due to the fact that this holiday lands in the middle of a hot and dry Summer.

The National Safety Council set out a few reminders and we would like to share those with you;

  • First and foremost, never light fireworks in an area where they are not permitted, boundaries are implemented because of high fire risk
  • Do not allow children to handle, light or hold fireworks, even sparklers, as the majority of burn victims that are admitted into a hospital this day are small children
  • Older kids and even adults should acquire a partner for supervision when lighting fireworks to prevent any unforeseen accidents
  • Never handle fire or fireworks while impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Always keep water buckets and your water hose nearby
  • Do not try to relight a malfunctioned firework, pour water over it to safely extinguish
  • Remember with fireworks that what goes up must come down, and those embers can stay lit and land on your roof

We hope you practice these safety measures and have a happy 4th of July!

Insurance Awareness Day

june 26 insurance awareness day

Insurance Awareness Day will be observed Monday, June 29th as a reminder for everyone to review their insurance policies and make changes if needed. This serves as a perfect time to call your agent and evaluate your policy, review any optional coverages they offer and ask about potential discounts that you may not be receiving.

Insurance terms can be complicated, so any questions or clarifications you would like, or questions you have about the steps for filing a claim, we suggest to take this time and ask us those questions.

We hope you find this reminder beneficial and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Home Maintenance Checklist

june 24 home maintenance

With longer daylight hours, now is the perfect time to do some much needed home upkeep. Your home is your biggest investment and doing routine maintenance to ensure a safe property is the best thing you can do to protect it.

Take this time to clean clogged rain gutters and downspouts. Also, repair damaged walkways and outside areas.  Check all windows and screens to make sure they are functioning properly and not allowing water in.

Trim back broken or dead tree branches, especially any hanging close to or over the home. Change and/or service your HVAC filters and smoke/CO detector batteries. Have your air vents and chimney professionally cleaned before turning them on.

Think about changing your water line connections to steel braided hoses for a more secured home.

Happy Father’s Day!

june 19 dads

With the start of summertime comes a very special holiday for all the dads out there. Yup! You guessed it, we’re talking about Father’s Day.

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is when we show our dads, bonus dads or any paternal hero a little extra love and affection for all they do.

So no matter how you spend the day, make sure they know just how much you appreciate them and how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

From all of us here, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Switch & Save

june 17 switch and save

Looking to save money?

We’re happy to tell you that we are here to help you save!  The average savings reported by homeowners who switched to us was over $600 a year!

With our A+ rating by AM Best and over 75 years of experience protecting homeowners like you, you don’t have to cut quality for a lower price.  And our agents are ready to assist you with all your coverage questions and with making the switch hassle- free.

Visit us online for a free, 30 second quote and watch how easy it is to Switch and Save.

Fun Facts About June

june 15 long days

We’ve officially made it to the end of the first half of 2020 and many people have already planned on how they’re going to spend these hot summer days.

If one of your plans was to read, then we would like to share some fun facts about this month that you may have not known.

  • June has the longest daylight hours than any other month of the year
  • This month is known as National Candy Month
  • Other than being the middle of our calendar year, Summer also starts this month
  • The birthstone for June is the pearl and the flower of the month is a rose
  • It originally had 29 days but Julius Cesar wanted there to be more summer days and added a day

Interested in more monthly facts? Stay tuned for facts about upcoming months in future blogs.

Weekend Fun at Home

june 12 weekend wm

As retail shops and restaurants reopen to the public, many people would like to still practice social distancing and stay at home on the weekends. If that is your plan but you’re not sure on how to stay busy and have a little fun while doing it, we’re here to help.

You can still enjoy the outdoors by going on walk with your dog or jogging around the neighborhood. How about finally taking on that cluttered shed or planting that garden you forgot you wanted. If you have little ones to entertain, have a water balloon fight or simply turn the sprinklers on and let them enjoy the pop-up water park.

If staying inside is what you want to do, then try something new like an online yoga class. Plan on rearranging your living space for a fresh new look. Build a fort with your kids and schedule an indoor camp out.

If you have more ideas on how to enjoy staying home on the weekends, let us know!

Help Avoid Water Losses with a Wifi Water Detection System

061020 flo wm

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1 in 20 homes will have a claim each year for a loss that could have been prevented. One of the most filed claims for homeowners are damages caused by water. With an average repair cost of $10,500, water claims remain one of the most severe losses a homeowner can experience.

Taking preventative measures to help eliminate potential losses is the best way to help protect your home for you and your family.

One of those measures that we encourage our customers to check out is a Wi-Fi water detection system like the one created by MOEN that helps track and alert the homeowner of any unusual water flow by turning the water line off as a precaution.

By shutting the water off, this device has saved thousands of homes from unpredicted water leaks that otherwise would have grown to a greater loss.

Interested in finding out about available discounts and more, go to

Policies We Offer

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Western Mutual offers several policies available to you depending on the coverage(s) you are needing, some you may not have been aware of.

Your primary home can be covered by our Homeowners Policy, which includes your dwelling, personal property and even liability protection from covered losses.

Are you needing coverage for your condo? We have that too!

If you’re a landlord and want to protect your investment from potential losses, we offer that coverage as well.

How about if you own a seasonal property where you escape to a few months out of the year? We have you covered there too!

Visit us online or give us a call at our toll free number: 1-877-968-8825 for your free, 30 second web quote.