Increasing your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or simply looking to increase the aesthetic of your property, we have some tips on improving that curb appeal.

The first rule of curb appeal is that you have to take care of the yard, simply put…go green.

Aside from having a manicured lawn, you could invest in some flowers, plant a seasonal garden or even a new tree. These are all cost effective and functional options to enhance the look of your home.

Rule #2 is to actually clean the curb. Repaint or touch up your address, rake away trash and power wash your driveway and walkways.

Also, updating entryways and windows is highly important in creating a strong first impression. This may include getting a new garage door, updating shutters or painting the house.

Lastly, focus on the small details, like replacing your mailbox, adding a water feature like a fountain, walkway lights and a sensor motion light.

Curb appeal is about cohesion and style. While it may take some time and money, your home will thank you.

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