Kids Holiday Arts & Crafts Night

Winter break is upon us and the feeling of cozy festivities is all we can think about. But with holiday travel being limited or avoided this year, you may be looking for alternative forms to entertain their kids.

One idea is a Family Handprint Christmas Tree! Using green construction paper, trace all family member’s hands and cut out, then arrange them all facing down in a tiered pattern with the larger hands on the bottom tier and smaller hands on top tiers to look like a Christmas Tree! Add a yellow construction paper star on top and you have a personalized family holiday craft. Other ideas are personalized ornaments, paper turkeys, and cinnamon reindeer (we encourage you to google or pinterest search for examples and additional ideas). These crafts can all be completed with items you already have at home and are sure to keep kids enjoying themselves for hours.

Share photos of your favorite holiday craft!

Happy crafting and warm wishes!

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