Hardening Your Home

Every year many homes are lost or damaged in wildfires. The dangerous exposure to wildfire can come from direct flames from nearby burning structures or forestry, which is difficult to avoid and can be devastating for entire communities.

There is, however another exposure that can occur up to a mile away from an active fire, through embers flying through the air and catching in your home. This can be partially preventable by taking steps to “harden your home” to wildfires. Here are some steps you can take to harden your home:

  • Removing debris from your roof and yard that is easily flammable such as dead vegetation
  • Eaves should be boxed in or “closed”! Embers catching in open eaves is the most likely place a home will catch fire
  • Install dual paned windows with tempered glass to avoid the heat of a nearby fire breaking the window and creating an opening for embers to catch
  • Install screens in all windows
  • Decks should be built with “ignition resistant” materials and always clear vegetation from under deck that could catch fire.
  • Keep rain gutters free of debris
  • Address of home should be clearly visible from the road
  • Cover chimney with a non – flammable screen

For more tips and tips on creating defensible spaces and all things wildfire safety, visit https://www.readyforwildfire.org/prepare-for-wildfire/.

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