On The Road Again

The long awaited spring break season has finally arrived. Whether it be a staycation or a road trip to the closest beach, we have some travel hacks to make this vacation affordable and easy to plan.

Step 1.  When searching for hotels or activities to do, make sure your browser is on incognito mode. This will deter from cookies tracking your searches and inconspicuously targeting you with other things that may be more expensive. Also, every time you search things such as hotels, flights on an open browser…the price will increase. Yes, you read that right! The price goes up with each search for the same flights, hotels because they see the interest and will try to get you at the highest price possible.

Step 2. Pack like a pro! It sounds cliché but remember to do simple things like stuff your shoes with socks and underwear. Place shoes at the bottom, roll your jeans instead of folding, and place next to your shoes. If your shoes are dirty, put them in a plastic bag. Put toiletries in outer zippers of suitcase to accommodate more articles of clothing inside.

Step 3. Bring as much non-refrigerated food and snacks as you can. Do not forget essentials like water, protein bars, apples and chips. Small foods that can be carried in your purse when out-and-about on the town.

Step 4. Use cash when possible. I’m sure you’ve noticed that places like gas stations charge less when using cash. Most small businesses also prefer cash purchases to avoid the credit card processing fee. So when you can, always carry cash and avoid using your card. This also helps you avoid any fraud on your bankcards that may have occurred otherwise.  

We hope these simple hacks save you not only money but also some sanity in planning your trip and may you enjoy it however you spend it.

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