File On Time

Did you know that 5% of eligible taxpayers fail to file before the appropriated deadline? That means that roughly 7 million people push it off either to the last minute or simply forget about doing them in the midst of everything else in their daily life.

The good news is that there is still time and tax prep offices are open for business. If doing them online is more your speed, make sure to collect all paperwork necessary just as if you were going into an office. The following items are some of the basic documents needed to file your tax return:

  1. Personal Identification – That includes an ID, social security, mail from utility companies
  2. Documents about your income, formally known as a W-2 or 10-99 form
  3. Any adjustments to your income – IRA contributions, student loan interest, etc
  4. Itemized tax deductions and credits such as child care/ education cost, donations
  5. Taxes paid on real estate, cars registration

Don’t be part of the 7 million; file your taxes today with the comfort of knowing you filed on time.

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