Maybe We Should Call Someone?

Houses frequently make noises—a floor creaks, a pipe gurgles, a refrigerator hums—but while some sounds are harmless and even charming, others are early indicators of potential problems that warrant attention. Especially if this is your new home, not newly built but new for you. Here are some potential troublemakers.

Furnace – Squeaking could be an indication that the bearings in the motor need to be oiled or that a piece of one has broken off. Ignoring this could cause the motor to fail. Popping could be a sign of moisture in the gas line, or that the gas line has become clogged.

Noisy Pipes – Anyone who’s ever lived with radiator heat knows how noisy pipes can be. It is highly suggested that these items be professionally inspected and taken care of as a radiator can make sounds – like someone is hammering from inside – which usually indicates maintenance required.

Wall Creaks – Skittering sounds, squeaks, buzzes and other noises coming from your walls and attic may mean there’s something living in your house that isn’t part of your family. If you hear something, search the outside of the wall for anything out of the ordinary.

Humming Appliances – If your dishwasher sputters or grinds, something may be stuck in the chopper blade area. A buzzing refrigerator may mean that the compressor is ailing. A humming dryer could mean that there’s an object caught in its blower wheel. These conditions are difficult to diagnose without expert attention.

Pops and Bubbles – Over time, sediment builds up on the bottom of a water heater as minerals precipitate out of the water and settle in the tank. Excessive sediment accumulation may produce a popping or rumbling sound, which should be your signal to call in a repair professional.

Whistling Windows – Improperly installed windows, worn weather stripping, changes in temperature and the simple passage of time can all cause an unwanted whistling inside the house. Not only is the sound annoying, it can also lead to energy waste.

We hope this assist you in identifying and resolving any potential problems you may be experiencing.

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