Am I Covered?

The joy of being a homeowner is unmatched, however understanding all the paperwork can be a nightmare. The most common struggle is reviewing your insurance policy and deciding if you need more.

Second to that is knowing the difference between homeowners insurance and home warranty. Let us explain;

Homeowners insurance provides you the coverage necessary to know your home is protected against unexpected damages from perils such as fire, theft, vandalism and civil commotion. However, when it relates to repairs or maintenance of your appliances, a home insurance policy does not cover those items but a home warranty will. Similar to a car, one would not call their insurance for new tires or an oil change, the basic maintenance it needs, but instead refer to a potential car warranty that offered those services. The main difference between an insurance policy and a warranty policy is that the insurance on the home is mandated by the lender as oppose to the warranty that is not. We hope that in sharing this vital information, we answer some concerns or doubts about your policy.

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