Child Proofing Checklist

Are you looking for a baby proofing checklist that covers all areas of the house? We’ve got you covered.

Children getting hurt is the most heartbreaking moment for parents, therefore start baby-proofing the house little by little even before the baby arrives. The checklist below will help you get started so that when your little one arrives you can get rest assured your home is ready.

1. Safety Gates

If you have stairs in the house or an open room structure, you may want to restrict the baby’s movement to a few spots of the home. In this case, you need safety gates. When safety gates are not suited to your home layout you can consider a playpen.

2. Fireplace Screen

The first thing to install when you have a crawling baby in the house is a fireplace screen. Most fireplaces have left over residue or wood burning tools that can cause them harm.

3. Table Corner Guards

Protect your little ones head from bumping against sharp table edges by fitting table corner guards. This should include television stands, dressers and outdoor furniture.

4. Plastic Cover on Electrical Outlets

Put plastic covers over all low lying electrical outlets and keep electrical instruments like hair irons and clothing irons out of reach from children’s play areas. This deters them from sticking any small toys into the outlet and will eliminate the possibility of being tangled in the cords of your bathroom instruments.

5. Secure Curtains

One object in the house that gets the most attention from babies and toddlers is floor-length curtains. Make sure to secure your curtains safely with rings. If this is not possible, try and install cordless blinds.

Bonus tip: Purchase a bathtub faucet cover.  This will protect your little one from hitting their head on the metal spout and injuring themselves.

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