Gourd-Geous Day To Celebrate

Today is National Pumpkin Day! 

Celebrate by visiting a pumpkin patch, carving a jack-o-lantern or baking some fall goodies. Use the hashtag #NationalPumpkinDay when sharing your pumpkin day snapshots and view how others spent theirs. Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.

If you do plan on carving a gourd, but you’re not sure what to carve or where to start…we would like to share some quick tips to help you celebrate National Pumpkin Day.

  1. Get a pumpkin with a stem – These pumpkins are easier to carve as they have a natural handle to help you hold it sturdy.
  2. Don’t dismiss a weirdly-shaped pumpkins – Go weird or go home. Oddly shaped pumpkins are unique and therefore even a simple smiley face craved into them will look more eccentric.
  3. Have a pumpkin-carving plan – there are carving kits one can buy that’ll have ideas which can get your thinking wheels turning.
  4. Wait to carve your pumpkin—but work fast once you start – Pumpkins do not last long once carved but once you have started make sure you finish as they will begin to wilt or dry out depending on weather.

Happy Carving!

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