Your To-Do List

Just like your car, your home requires routine preventative maintenance to keep its systems running safely and smoothly. Know the tasks that you should complete as we start this new season and prepare your property to endure colder weather. Below you will find our checklist of items that you want to inspect which will hopefully help you prevent a homeowner’s insurance claim.

·       Have heating inspected – Having a licensed heating professional check your system before use, would certify that your device presents no hazards or potential flammability.
·       Winterize A/C and prepare heating – Our beloved AC unit has worked hard all summer, protect it against rain and snow by covering with a poly-tarp.
·       Turn off/flush outdoor water faucets – Emptying out water lines and pipes will prevent them from being frozen and breaking during the cold season.
·       Flush-unused faucets/toilets occasionally – Flushing unused water lines or toilets should be done weekly as odors and gases can travel through the draining and bring severe odors into the home.
·       Check fireplace for damage or hazards – Aside from having it professionally swept, check the foundation and outside for damage, debris that may have fallen on top of vent and that surrounding area is free of dried leaves/plants.

We hope your family enjoys a wonderful fall and winter season, safe and warm from your home.

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