Easter Weekend

As we prepare for this holiday weekend filled with eggs, gift baskets and confetti…let us also remember to plan a tasty dish that will have all your guest hopping to get seconds. As we know, deviled eggs are a staple to Easter and are simple to make. But why not add a twist that will make your egg-cellent dish something to dye for?

Dyed deviled eggs are the new craze and only add one additional step to the already fast and easy meal, bringing together comfort and color. 

All you need to do is add 1 cup of water to a bowl and a few drops of your desired food coloring, and steep up to 4 peeled, halved egg whites (per bowl) until the desired color.  If color is too pale, add more food coloring.  Drain the egg whites on a paper towel and continue usual deviled eggs recipe.

Enjoy and share a photo of your bright creation! And whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or any other holidays this time of year, we hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Spring weekend.

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