Ways to Save on Your Insurance

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, protecting your home is our main priority, but saving you some money is also our purpose. Although your annual premium is mainly based off the coverages provided there are ways to minimize and/or not add additional cost to your policy.

First and foremost, consider enhancing your security on the property. Having a 24-hour monitored alarm system or living in a patrolled gated community can lower your overall cost.

When paying your premium, attempt to pay it all at once. Many companies charge a processing fee for monthly or partial payments.

Install devices that help you avoid claims such as a wi-fi water detection system or door alarms on exits that lead to a pool or spa and can give you a discount on your premium.

The most common solution for a lower premium is increasing the deductible, the simple step can reduce the cost drastically.

We hope these solutions on lowering your annual premium are of great benefit.

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