Weekend Fun, Indoors

The weather may be unpredictable and outside may feel like its freezing but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the weekend. If you’re running out of ideas for things to do at home, here are some productive and fun ideas:

  1. Deep clean and organize a specific room that you have been putting off for a later time, something like your closet or storage room. It may some like a huge feat to take on but once its completed you’ll feel good and enjoying some music while cleaning/ organizing can make the time fly.
  2. Paint or refurbish older furniture to give it a new look
  3. Try a new recipe and make it a family or couple activity.
  4. Look for ways you can save some money, whether that be from getting quotes on your homeowners insurance or cancelling subscriptions you don’t use anymore
  5. Enjoy a board game competition, with rounds and points per game.

Let us know your ideas for staying in and being productive this weekend.

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