Are your pipes frozen? Do this now

If water isn’t coming out of your pipes there is a good chance they are frozen. However this doesn’t mean there are cracks or bursts, and you can take important steps to avoid cracks or burst pipes and prevent home damage as the weather warms back up.

  1. Turn your water off to your home using your main water shutoff. This can help minimize damage as well if a pipe does break.
  2. Turn on a bathroom or kitchen faucet. This way if the pipes do start to thaw water can run out in to the sink and not build up pressure in the pipe, increasing the chance of a break.
  3. Let them thaw naturally on their own. This will decrease the likelihood of pipe damage.
  4. If you have visible signs of damage or can see water pooling in ceilings or walls, call a plumber. You may have to wait but having the main line water off to the house will at least minimize damage.
  5. If you do have home damage, call us at (800) 234-2103 to file a claim and start the process, and we can help give you next steps.

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