What is Homeowners Insurance?

What is homeowners insurance coverage? Homeowners insurance provides you and your family peace of mind and protection in the event of a disaster or accident involving your home. At Western Mutual Insurance Group, we offer our customers standard coverage starting with our preferred homeowners’ protection. Through our reliable homeowners insurance, you will have straightforward coverage that is there when you need it.

(*) Included in our policy with the Homeowners Plus Endorsement are the following benefits:

  • Extended Replacement Cost (ERC), which increases your dwelling coverage up to 150% for no additional cost. ERC safeguards against a higher than expected construction cost for damages to your dwelling structure.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage on Contents (RCC), helps cover the cost to fully replace your personal property if it is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.
  • Mortgage Payment Protection is built into our homeowners’ policy. This endorsement will help supplement your monthly mortgage up to $1,500 per month for a maximum total of $18,000 in the event your home is deemed uninhabitable past 45 days.

In addition, when applying for a California Homeowners Insurance quote online, you will automatically qualify for our Web User Discount which provides 20% off the first year’s premium and 10% off at the first renewal!

By choosing Western Mutual as your homeowners’ insurance carrier, you will also gain access to our wealth of other homeowners’ insurance products and services such as EarthquakeFloodLandlord, and Seasonal.

(*) These benefits are included in our California Homeowners (HO-3) policies.  For more details about any of our other states or coverages, please give us a call at 1-877-968-8825.

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