Be Water Wise

Clean, bountiful water is one of the most important resources around the world. No matter where you are in the world, you can do your part to conserve water by both saving water from being wasted and protecting water from becoming polluted. Here are some tips on being water wise as we go into hotter months.

Shorten your showers – On average, 18 gallons of water are used per person for a 10-minute shower. Reducing shower time can save millions of gallons if the majority would participate in quicker showers.

Do the dishes – Although the jury may be out on this still, dishwashers typically require more water than if one were to wash the dishes by hand.

Mulch, mulch, mulch – Mulch helps regulate soil temperature and retains water even in hot weather. This allows for the homeowner to use less water.

Fix Your Leaks – Hiring a licensed plumber to inspect water lines, or installing a wifi water sensor to detect early leaks can save you money on your water bill and help save you the money and hassle of water damage.

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