Storm Watch Season

With unpredictable weather and what seems to be an ongoing hail season for some folks in states like Texas and New Mexico, we want to make sure you know the signs of roof damage before calling your insurance to file a claim.

Water, snow and hail can all cause major damage to a roof but there are some indicators that are sure tell signs you may need to have your roof repaired or replaced. Those indicators are:

  • Attic leaks- check your attic or roof crawl space for puddling or deteriorating wood
  • Blistering paint- poor ventilation and humidity can cause wood to blister and crack
  • Wall stains- Leaks from outside can be trapped in the walls and create yellow mildew stains
  • Decay-  If you notice the sheathing of your roof starting to dip or sag it may be from water
  • Visible damage- Missing or curled shingles as well as dark streaks are indicators of roof damage

It is always recommended to have a licensed roofer do an annual inspection as well or if you think you may have some roof damage.

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