Tax Season 2022

It’s that time of year again when we gather all those documents, receipts and forms. If you guessed tax season, you’re right! This year the first day to file was Monday January 24th and will continue until the tentative deadline of Monday April 18th. Make the process as smooth as possible by being prepared and taking all documents needed to successfully file your 2021 year. Below we have included a short list of the items you will need to file, but always double check with your local and trusted agent.

  • Personal Identification – That includes an ID, social security, mail from utility companies
  • Documents about your income, formally known as a W-2 or 10-99 form
  • Any adjustments to your income – IRA contributions, student loan interest, etc
  • Itemized tax deductions and credits such as child care/ education cost, donations
  • Taxes paid on real estate, cars registration

As mentioned, these are only some of the required documents but we hope this helped you begin preparing to file your taxes this year. Happy Filing!

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