Who Needs Santa Claus?

We’ve officially made it to the last two weeks of the year, by now your strands of lights should be sparkling, tree dazzling and gifts wrapped. What was that? Your gifts are still in the box they were shipped in! Have no fear… Western Mutual is here.

Wrapping Christmas gifts could be a drag and staring at them for days at a time before addressing them only makes it more agonizing of a project to complete. The following tips will allow you to successfully tackle the gift list and wrap the presents like a pro.

  1. Leave them in the box they were shipped in, yes you read that right. Open to confirm the gift was received correctly and intact but then seal it back up and wrap the box it came in.
  2. If wrapping multiple small gifts, wrap them in tissue paper and place them in a large enough gift bag with some more tissue paper on top. Simplicity!
  3. Look for the option on most retailer sites that’ll wrap the gift for you. Usually the option will say “this is a gift” or “gift” and your items will arrive ready to give.
  4. Oddly shaped gifts are typically known for being put into bags but you can also recycle boxes from around your house and place items inside to then wrap.
  5. When cutting wrapping paper, cut off more then you need. You can always trim away excess.
  6. Use bows and ribbon to not only add pizazz to a gift but also to cover up any mistakes like rips in the paper or spots where the wrapping paper wasn’t enough to fully cover.

We hope these tips and tricks help you tackle those boxes that have been hiding in your room for days now! Happy wrapping and Merry Christmas!

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