Christmas Tree Safety

The holiday season is here! Here are some safety tips for decking your halls with holiday decor.
When purchasing a tree, check for freshness and avoid purchasing dry brittle trees. A dry holiday tree can be extremely dangerous for a home fire, so check the water levels in your tree base daily, and make sure there is always water in it.
If you choose to purchase an artificial tree, make sure it is labeled “fire resistant”.
When placing your tree in the perfect spot, avoid areas where heat sources are felt, such as directly under a heater vent, near a space heater, or a fireplace.
Decorate with plastic or material base tree ornaments and low lying decor, especially if you have little ones or pets.
Avoid using lit candles for holiday home decor. Consider battery operated, flameless candles.
Check your outdoor lights each year for frayed wires or excessive use.
We hope these tips ensure that you will have a safe and festive holiday!

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