Now What?

Many homeowners face natural disasters that force them to leave their belongings behind and evacuate their homes. Before returning, homeowners should ensure that local officials have determined that it is safe to re-enter their neighborhood. In addition to natural disasters, homeowners may have to leave their house if they experience a fire or ruptured pipe. Natural disaster or not, having to leave and return to a damaged home is not easy but should be dealt with some understanding of what to expect and how to react. Therefore, we have created this guide to assist you should ever go through this experience.

  • Inspect the property carefully to identify post-disaster hazards. Be vigilant of things such as mold, chemical spills, live wires and structural damage. Exit immediately if any of those items are discovered and call your insurance company.
  • Take photos of damage to the building and destroyed contents to document any losses you may have incurred. Again, call you insurance carrier right away.
  • Crews should have done a thorough clean up, however keep records and receipts for each cost incurred in cleaning up or repairing your home. Always ensure that a licensed company completes this work.
  • If you are temporarily allowed back for more supplies make sure you stay updated by going on social media, your state and local government websites, traditional media outlets (newspapers, radio, television) and/or town hall meetings.

Above all, should you ever experience a loss as described above please remain safe and attend to your well-being first.

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