Staying Warm This Winter

Getting yourself ready for winter is a snap. Gloves? Check! Scarf? Right here. But readying your home for a long, cold season is another story. So, until someone invents a turtleneck sweater you can put around your house when it gets cold, there’s some prepping you need to do. This includes having alternate heating options if you decide not to use your fireplace or if you don’t have one.

First, consider thick clothing / blankets. It’s always more efficient to heat the body than trying to heat a room. So start with the basics, a pile of thick-insulating clothing and blankets can help warm you up quickly.

Remember to also have hand warmers on deck, these small long-lasting pocket warmers are great for continuous heat. They are also affordable and found at most hardware and convenient stores.

Another thing to consider is checking the seal of doors and windows and inserting draft guards where necessary. By reinforcing the seal around your windows and doors, you can eliminate cold air from entering.

Furthermore, adding thick curtains (preferably wool or cotton) can add an additional barrier of protection from the icy temperatures outside.

And of course, using electric space heaters can add the perfect touch of warmth your room was needing. If using a space heater, look for a model that shuts off automatically if the heater falls over. Place the heater on a level, hard and nonflammable surface in the home.

Stay safe and stay warm!

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