Filing A Claim 101

As a preferred insurance company, we understand that filing a claim is not only stressful but can seem difficult to do. These unforeseen events cause more than just property damage but also leave you feeling hopeless and emotional. We want to let you know that help is available.

When discovering a potential claim at your home, we would like to remind you of some tips that’ll make the process easier:

Do; call your insurance company right away, do not wait for the risk or damage to become bigger.

Do; take steps to make reasonable temporary repairs to protect your property and you from further damage and loss. Don’t attempt any repairs that require a licensed professional, just any minor work to help prevent the loss from causing further damage.

Do; notify the police and file a report if the loss is due to theft.

Do; shut the water off immediately if you find water has started to cause damage or has flooded any space in your house.

Do; keep records such as receipts, photos and videos of your items within your home.

Do; hire licensed contractors to perform work on your home, even if no related to a claim… this is for your protection.

Don’t; call a third party to clean-up, patch or inspect conditions without contacting your insurance first.

Don’t; assume damages will not be covered or are not severe enough to be repaired. Call at the first sign and ask so that work can begin immediately.

Don’t; waste time looking for your policy information to call, we have several methods of locating your account.

We sincerely hope these tips will assist you if and when you need them.

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