Enjoy A More Relaxing Commute

Although more people are working remotely, for people who work onsite, commutes are getting longer. A recent survey by Bloomberg revealed that 45 percent of all commuters travel 25 minutes or more to work every day. In addition, one in 36 commuters travel an excess of 90 minutes to work, making them so-called “super commuters.”

Of course, dealing with rush hour traffic or busy trains can be highly stressful. Fortunately, there are some ways you can de-stress your commute.

 Keep the following tips in mind:

Listen to your favorite music – Background noises like cars whizzing by or honking can be a huge distraction and even cause headaches. Create your own sound cocoon and listen to things that make you feel relaxed or happy.

Use aroma therapy – It may not be the first thing that comes to mind but essential oils like lavender and sage have been proven to calm nerves.

Carpool with a colleague or neighbor – carpooling can ease the stress of driving because you’ll be spending less time behind the wheel. In addition, having someone to talk to can help enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Get a head start to the start of your day – Prepping the night before will save you time especially if it is something like filling up your gas tank or packing your lunch.

We hope these simple but helpful reminders on how to de-stress your commute benefit your daily travels.

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