Save Energy, Save Money

Energy bills can go through the roof in the summer but rising temperatures don’t mean your costs need to climb too. The great news is there are ways to quickly cut down on energy spending by at least 25 percent with these helpful tips.

  1. Avoid Humidity inside – High humidity can make it feel a few degrees warmer inside. Get rid of excess moisture in the air by using range hoods when cooking. Take shorter, colder showers with the bathroom fan running.
  2. Get Smart technology – “Smart” thermostats automatically adjust to weather and learn your living patterns so that your home is cooled when needed and off when no one is home.
  3. Use fans – A fan is great to use in conjunction with AC to help circulate the air more efficiently. In fact, because a fan can evaporate perspiration from the skin, it can sometimes feel just as effective as AC.
  4. Go dark – Keeping shades and curtains drawn during the hottest times of the day (between noon and 4 p.m.) can help keep the room cool and limit your usage of the AC unit.
  5. Put Down Roots- Planting trees or high shrubs outside the sunniest spots in the home is a natural way to reduce heat indoors.
  6. Find A New Normal – Most homeowners won’t notice the difference if they leave the thermostat a few degrees warmer than their norm and soon they will acclimate to it. By doing this you limit how many days your system will be on and in return save yourself some money.
  7. Stick A Film On It – Tinting uncovered windows or screen doors that are facing the sun can keep heat out during the summer months and cool your house down.

Lowering your bill is easy; it just takes some simple planning and preparation.

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