Hot Weather, Chill Solutions

It’s hot out there! And your pet is probably feeling it too.

We would like to provide you some tips on how to keep your furry friends safe and healthy this season by knowing the signs of heat danger in pets.

First and foremost, choose your exercise time carefully – Never do it in the middle of the day and stray from walking on hot foundations like asphalt or turf. Take breaks in the shade and have ample water available.

Next, know the signs of overheating – These include panting, which is your pet’s way of cooling down their body. Dry mouth is another sign, we all love those slobbery kisses but if their mouth is dry then this should be an alert to get hydrated fast.

Never leave them in a car – Whether it’s for 2 minutes or 20, the temperature inside of a car can rise to be twenty degrees hotter than outside.

And of course, stay hydrated – Make sure they drink plenty of water. You can encourage this by changing their water bowls daily or adding some ice to the bowl. A trick is to mix some wet food into their diet as well as wet food has a high percentage of water and will increase their hydration.

We hope you can enjoy this weather safely; your pets will love you for it too.

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