Be Proactive & Save Money

Taking preventative measures when it comes to your home is the best way to ensure that you avoid any unforeseen accidents and costly repairs.

Giving your plumbing system regular attention can help to prolong its life and actually make it run better than before. The following are recommendations that you can implement and help protect you home from the inside out.

Don’t over use chemical drain cleaning products – These products can sometimes do more harm than good, primarily when used to treat a recurring problem. Overuse can actually erode cast-iron drainpipes and create a bigger blockage plus leaky pipes.

Combat future clogging – Avoid plugging up any of your lines by knowing what goes down your drains. Keep kitchen drains clear of grease and any food scraps, prevent hair build-up in bathroom drains, and ensure only toilet paper goes down toilets.

Hard water is hard on pipes – Water with a high mineral content shortens your plumbing’s overall lifespan. Hard water can also corrode joints and fittings, so the faster you fix the issue the better. A simple and easy to implement fix would be an electric water softener. 

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