First 5 for New Homeowners

We would like to start by saying congratulations! You have found your forever home but before settling in there some items to ensure a safe and comfortable move-in.

  1. Copy and store your documents- we know buying a house involves a lot of paperwork and important documents that you will need to keep safe. Make copies and upload to a digital file but also keep the hard copies in a fireproof box.
  2. Change the locks- the feeling of receiving your keys is euphoric but you never know how many copies of those keys may exist out there. The only way to be certain is to change the locks and start with new ones.
  3. Update your address- let important institutions that mail you information know of your new address before it ends up in the wrong hands. This includes your bank, job, medical and utilities.
  4. Complete urgent repairs- do not put them off as you may be posing a greater risk to your home.
  5. Check HVAC and water lines- these should be annual inspections you complete. Start by making this one of your first five when moving in.

Again, we congratulate you on your purchase and look forward to insuring your forever home.

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