Garage Storage – Dos and Don’ts

Like many homeowners, our garage becomes our much-needed storage unit that with time accumulates several items you may not even remember are in there. However, some items can actual pose a danger to your home if stored in the garage.

Items you SHOULD NOT store in the garage are:

Fuel- whether it is gas, propane tanks or portable cans for camping. These are highly flammable and can unknowingly be leaking near areas of potential ignition such as your water heater. If the garage is the only place you can store them, invest in leak-proof containers and frequently check for cracks or leaks.

Furniture or Clothing- Unless your garage is temperature controlled, clothes and furniture risk being ruined by the high heat and cold dips it incurs. Also, rodents and pest can destroy and infest your belongings.

Food- Perishable items are an open invite to rodents and unwanted creatures or vermin. With that being said, think twice about putting a refrigerator in the garage as the fluctuating temperatures can cause the appliance to not operate correctly and over heat, posing a fire risk.

Items you SHOULD store in the garage are:

Lawn tools- Things like extra pots, bags of soil, gardening tools, plastic bins with seeds and water hoses

Sports equipment- Outdoor equipment is the ideal things to store in your garage as they are made to handle the weather/temperature changes

Patio furniture- patio furniture is okay to store in the garage, although sometimes bulky and not easily stackable. These pieces are approved for garage storage.

And of course, your car.

We hope this enables you to revisit the items in your garage and properly store or relocate some items for your safety.

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