Paying Your Premium

Most homeowners have their property insurance escrowed into their mortgage, making it easy to take care of two things with one payment. However, what if you recently refinanced or are in the process of doing so? Please confirm with your soon-to-be lender if they or you will be responsible for paying.

If it is impounded/escrowed then no worries…the lender will submit payment for this policy and continue the coverage on your home. But, if your responsible for the premium then here are ways you can make that payment.

  1. Visit us online and click on ‘Pay My Bill’ the system will prompt you for your policy number and zip code before bringing forth your option of a monthly or one-time transaction.
  2. Call one of our licensed representatives who are more than happy to assist (800) 234-2103.
  3. Call our automated line and submit payment easy and hassle free instantly (888) 467-7736.

Interested in a quote? Go online at for a free, 30 second web quote on your home insurance.

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