Switching Mid Term FAQs

Have no fear, Western Mutual is here!

Here to debunk some assumptions about switching mid-term and the process of doing so that is.

  1. Yes! You can switch mid-term penalty free. Actually if your current coverage isn’t expired yet, you’re actually owed a refund.
  2. No! You don’t have to wait until your renewal date to cancel. Homeowner’s insurance policies are not contracts.
  3. Yes! You can save some money for being a new customer. So why not earn some cash back and pay less for your coverage.
  4. No! Your previous carrier will not notify your lender. Please make sure to advise your bank about your new company and provide them a copy of it.
  5. Yes! You can shop around without commitment. Many carriers can provide you an instant online quote.

So now that you know. Visit us online at www.westernmutual.com for your free, online, commitment free 30-second quote.

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