Thinking of Selling? Important Steps to Remember

As we all know the housing market is hot right now, with bid wars making properties sell for well over asking price. And with multiple offers to review, paper work to sign and packing your belongings, one might forget some very important steps. Here is a helpful reminder to make sure all things are taken care of during the best month to sell.

At the time of accepting an offer and setting an estimated closing date, remember to call your home insurance carrier to advise them that you will no longer reside there on such date. Also, if you are purchasing a new home or condo, consider using your same insurance company to get a quote on it.

What about your personal belongings? Our policies protect your personal property to the full amount listed on the policy while in transit from one property to the next. If the items are being held in storage prior to your move, they are still covered but at 10% of what is listed on your policy.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to provide your insurance carrier and anyone whom you would receive correspondence from your forwarding address or temporary P.O Box. Many of times there is a pro-rated refund you will receive and we want to make sure that reaches you.

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