Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can bring on a little pressure to put something together that your partner will appreciate. Especially because the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has added another layer of planning and made it even more difficult to have a memorable time.

However, we have a few ideas for a well-planned and enjoyable 2021 Valentine’s Day.

  1. Sip and Paint – You may remember the pre-pandemic activity that involved painting and drinking with a group of friends. Recreating this at home is easy and simple and finding an image to paint can be done on any video platform with an instructor.
  2. Take a long drive – Fill up that gas tank, pack some snacks and head on out for the day. You can stop at enjoy a picnic at a local park or sit in the back and watch the sunset. Whatever you choose, just enjoy some time outside
  3. Take an online cooking class- One positive thing that this shutdown has brought is the amount of classes and services offered online now. Sign up for a cooking class and show us what you got.

We hope you got some inspiration and are now able to plan and enjoy the perfect day.

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