Help Avoid Roof Leaks

How old is your roof and is it needing some care and updating?  There are various signs of roof leaks, and things you can do to help avoid further damage. 

Do you know if you have a small roof leak? There are various signs you can look for, both interior and exterior. Interior signs to look for include mold, dampness, or stains on ceilings or walls.  You should also look for bubbles in the paint or water stains.  Exterior signs can be safely checked from the ground using binoculars. Check for missing, torn, or cracked shingles or areas of gutter drooping or overflowing. If you do spot the signs of a roof leak, call a roofing specialist to identify the source of the leak and make repairs. 

To prevent future leaks, it’s important to have your roof routinely inspected and maintained by a professional roofing contractor.  Always make sure gutters are free of clutter and debris and flowing cleanly, and cut back any overhanging trees that could damage your roof in a storm. 

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