Cold Weather Prep and Money Saving Tips

As we head in to colder weather, here are things you may have not known could save you some money or help you avoid having to spend money that are all found at home.

Did you know that most ceiling fans have a reverse switch on the base and is actually something that’ll help you save on the electric bill? Typically they spin counterclockwise which allows for cold air to be pushed downward. In the fall you can switch it so that it goes clockwise, drawing the cold air up and pushing warm air down.

In areas where temperatures get really cold, help keep from having to deal with burst or frozen pipes by draining your outdoor water lines and faucets. Water lines exposed to outdoor temps including underground irrigation can freeze and burst from expansion. Start by turning the water completely off and then open spigots to drain. This is also an ideal time to check for leaks which could cut down on your water bill and help avoid potential water damage.

Another tip is to apply blackout curtains to help insulate warmth and avoid having to turn the heating system on. A cheaper alternative to the heater is buying environmentally friendly logs made from recycled cardboard which emit 50% less greenhouse gases and more heat.

And of course, if the heater is a must…check your air filter and vents and replace filters, to ensure adequate airflow and no potential blockages that can cause damage or fires.

Always remember going in to the stormy season to clean out rain gutters and spouts of debris, and trim back any overgrown branches from your home for safety.

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