5 Ways to Protect Electronic Data

Online data breaches are becoming more and more common, and many people aren’t aware of some simple steps you can take to secure your personal information. Experts say that hackers often choose their victims based on the lack of protection they have. Here are five steps to help secure your data and keep you from becoming an easy target;

  1. Use a stronger password – combine upper and lower case, symbols and numbers, and change your password frequently.
  2. Use a multi-factor authentication service.
  3. Learn what phishing attempts look like – always look at the actual URL for any abnormalities and do a little digging any time it seems suspicious.
  4. Back up your data on a weekly or monthly basis – for extra security you can use an external hard drive or a cloud system.
  5. Watch where you go online and what internet you connect with – public computers and public wifi often have much lower safety standards.

Knowledge is power and understanding how to recognize and avoid these online scammers could save you a lot of time and money.

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