D.I.Y. Fall Home Decor

Autumn is here and it’s time for some fun and easy D.I.Y. From the joy of carving pumpkins to the simple pleasure of collecting leaves for a table display, these fall decor ideas are sure to make your home feel a little more warm and festive.

To set the mood you can have a variety of candle holders that’ll not only illuminate but make your house smell delicious. Do this by gluing cinnamon sticks around a candle and tie with some yarn to secure, light it and await the delightful aroma. Or simply glue some leaves around a mason jar and insert a candle to watch it glow orange.

Create an inviting space with the perfect fall display. Take a wooden plank or small beam and paint it, then distress it and paint “welcome” on it in for the perfect fall farmhouse feel. Set this outside your doorstep next to a stack of pumpkins and collect compliments from all the ghouls and guys.

Finally, an inexpensive way of creating a picture-perfect decorated home is by taking old fabric or flannel t-shirts and making table runners, wreaths, or photo frames.

What are some of your favorite fall decorating ideas?

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