How to Avoid Theft of Online Shopping Purchases

Since Covid-19 made its appearance and stopped what we knew as normal back in March, we adjusted into becoming avid and expert online shoppers. This meant having everything delivered such as our groceries, gym equipment and even office supplies right to our front door.

Although it was convenient not having to leave the house and having everything brought to you, this in return created a steep increase in package thefts. And with the holiday season approaching, more packages means more opportunity.

Here are 3 simple ways we can avoid being victims of theft.

  • Installing cameras and recording devices. Most smart home systems connect directly to your phone and enable 24-hour surveillance from wherever you’re located.
  • Ask the delivery drivers to place your packages behind porch plants, under mats or in other hidden locations.
  • Opt to have your items delivered to a locker where only you have access to retrieve the item.

Take the time to plan your orders and track them so that you don’t become the target of unwanted porch pirates. Happy shopping!

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