Protect Against Home Repair Scams

aug 28 repair scams small

When a storm, wildfire, or theft strikes your home, we want to help alleviate additional stressors not only with the claim process, but also with your home repairs.  While most contractors and vendors are honest, helpful, and provide excellent work and service, it is important to watch for cons, bad repairs, and insurance fraud.  This could result in anything from subpar repairs, excessive damage to your home to inflate claim payments, or disappearing with your down payment without having completed the work.

Here are some ways to protect yourself.

  • Call your insurance first and report the claim.  We can get the claim process started, and offer contractor referrals if you would like one.
  • Get a signed contract before work starts.
  • Check license and insurance information with your state.
  • Avoid door-knocking contractors… use established pros.
  • Have your Western Mutual adjuster review and approve the repairs before beginning the work for ease of process.
  • Take photos before and after, especially of any poorly done repairs.
  • Report any fraudulent behavior to the state.

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