Your Guide to Working from Home

aug 24 work from home small

Working from home may be your new normal but it can still feel odd no matter how many cups of coffee you’ve drank. It turns out that there’s a reason for that and we can do something about it. Waking up and not having to get ready to walk out the door sounds ideal but did you know that not getting ready is the reason for the odd feeling you have?

In an article written by CakeHR, they released to their employees the following guidelines to have a successful, “normal” feeling work day from home.

  • Keep your morning routine going as if you were coming into the office, including getting dressed in something other than your pajamas
  • Designate yourself a workspace and set it up similar to your cubicle or office
  • Organize your day with focus hours, breaks and a lunch hour. Keep it consistent
  • Avoid distractions at all cost, you don’t have a T.V in the office so don’t have one in your home office
  • Communicate like never before, make sure to keep your emails up to date, your replies stay prompt and work flow steady
  • Monitor your progress and do not over work yourself, once you clocked out your done…go home!

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